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    GFX question - Card Not Supported. Workaround?? Other issue??


      Hi there. Forgive this meandering post. I have a few things to get off my chest and I don't know which are relevant here. So please bear with me if you are able. Thanks


      I have an I5 4 core 3.4ghz processor and 10 gig RAM. I'm editing HD 25fps footage in Premiere Pro CC and doing some Film Grain Effects with Reg Giant Universe and simple Colour Correction using, mostly, the three way colour corrector and the masking tool. Nothing I'd consider system taxing stuff, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm also trying to use AE to help speed things up, and to tint the sky etc....


      I have a Geforce GFX 460 card installed - which is a bit old I'm aware, but I was hoping to get some GPU boost from Adobe, as I have come to understand within CC they've provided more support for unofficial cards.

      But 'Mercury Playback Software Only' is the only option available to me.


      I had a Radeon card in before, which Premiere CC did actually seem to provide some support for - but I swapped it out for an Nvidia card as there were other glitches and bad performance - plus it was rendering the footage (which is compressed .MOV) in rather a garish way - which has since been solved with the removal of the card. Also, AE needs Nvidia for full functionality and I assumed Adobe would just like Nvidia better generally as until recently they've only catered for this brand. However, as stated, the switch to the Nvidia GTX 460 has resulted in giving me Software Only playback, which althouh better than it was with the Radeon card, is sometimes jerky and laggy. And rendering takes longer than perhaps it should. Although I do have it set to high quality playback settings - which I changed before I realized I was running with no GPU support!


      So... I guess I haven't got it optmized to work in CPU mode and there are a few things I can try if the card doesn't work, I'm sure. But.... I'd REALLY  like to know if there's a way I can utilize this card??


      I've also posted in the After Effects forum, as AE is also extremely slow at playing my HD 25fps footage. I mention this here as I have read a few posts in which GPU acceleration isn't a must for AE - in which case maybe my problems with this are something else? But I'd really like to do colour correction in AE! I guess I'm surprised at how up-to-the-minute GPUs seem to have to be with this software - whereas I'm more used to gaming  where you'll get some performance boost with an older card and even if it's a bit past it you can just run the game at lower settings.


      Is the fact it's compressed footage possibly to blame somehow??


      Although I've felt my way around Premiere enough to edit a music video I'm still very new to this software - and particularly AE - so please forgive me. It's proving  hard to teach myself when I can't get past these obvious limitations lol


      Thank you so much for your help,