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    Looking for a GREP to apply no break style in certain situations

    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

      Here's a sample of text that I have and what I am trying to do.

      • There are titles, like the following 2 examples: VP - Internal AuditProject Coordinator - Main Office

      • These titles will be in a narrow column and most likely flow to two lines, or perhaps more.

      • The second title will probaly break like this:

      Project Coordinator - Main


      • I would like the title to break like this:

      Project Coordinator
      - Main

      Here's what I am thinking:

      • Have a GREP with a paragraph style find -  [dash] then apply a character style [with no break] to the dash and following text.

      • But, I would not want this GREP style to affect an incidence where there are few characters, [like my first example VP - Internal Audit]


      Is there a GREP style that can do what I am looking for? TIA