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    Audio problem when flattening multicam


      To sum up:

      When flattening multicam sequences the audio is selected from audio track one, which is not the track with good audio. I have all bad audio muted in the source sequence, so prior to flattening it sounds right. Loading the multicam clip to the source monitor then right click switch camera audio makes no difference. The only way I find to fix this is to move the good audio to track 1. This would be very time consuming as I have a large number of multicam source clips. Any ideas on an efficient fix? Am I missing something?


      Here's a long detailed step by step explanation of what I'm doing if you want more information:

      I have a series CC2014 sequences (I'll call them "master sequences") composed of many multicam clips. These mulitcam clips were created by Premiere from the project panel. I have a total of 7 of these "master sequences". Within each master sequence, all mulitcam editing is done (camera cuts made within each multicam clip). I selected the proper audio for each mulitcam clip. All good so far. Now I want to flatten the master sequences to simplify the project. For the first 3 sequences I selected all clips/multicam/flatten. Everything worked normally, no problems. For the next 4, when I flatten, the audio source changes in every multicam clip to a bad camera audio track which cannot be used. This bad track is muted in the individual multicam sequences and was not heard prior to flattening. The difference between the sequences that worked right and the ones that didn't is that the order of the cameras on the tracks is reversed. When it worked properly, the camera with the good audio was on video/audio track 1, when it didn't work the camera with the bad audio was on track 1. I understand I can copy and paste the audio from the original sequence but each of my main sequences contains many individual multicam sequences as created by Premiere, so I would have to reveal in project each source multicam sequence, open in timeline, and select the audio to copy and paste. This would be very time consuming.


      Thanks in advance for wisdom proffered.