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    Changing page layout from landscape side-by-side to landscape one on top

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      I am working with an already created (unfortunately) document that is 11 x 8 1/2 side-by-side layout. I need the document to be top to bottom. As this is a long-edge bound document, the client wants to see it with the pages as they are going to be bound.

      I don't need to turn the pages, I just need to move them:


      rotate pages.jpg




      One very labor-intensive option would be to change the page setup to portrait and rotate the pages in the pages panel. However, that does not seem to rotate the content, just the pages. I have a few hundred pages and would really rather not have to rotate the content one page at a time. :-)


      Any suggestions would be most helpful. As InDesign is probably the most robust document layout program there is, I can't imagine there is no way to set up long edge binding - I just can't find it (and neither can a friend who is very proficient in InDesign). (Even Word can print long edge!)