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    How to revert back to Flash 7?

      Last night I 'upgraded' from Adode Flash 7 to 9 in Netscape 7.2. I don't wish to use any other browser and if I uninstall Flash 9 it gets rid of Flash altogether and there's no Flash 7 on this website.

      I've never had the sound problem that some seem to suffer here with Youtube, but now with embedded videos it just makes Netscape crash and it's so frustrating.

      How do I get back to Flash 7 which I was on before, please?

      Thanks in advance,

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          DVDfever Level 1
          I've just had a reply from Adobe but it's worse than useless as it doesn't answer my question and doesn't even point to an old version (Flash 7) which is what I wanted. Can anyone help please? This is driving me up the wall and Adobe don't care.

          I've tried that standalone program but it's IE only and not Netscape.

          Thanks in advance,

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            DVDfever Level 1
            Got it here as I didn't realise it was called "Macromedia Flash Player 7" rather than Adobe.


            Now everything works in Netscape 7.2 nicely (well, not Flash 9 but I can do that in IE6 following the other link given), and that's no thanks to Adobe's so-called customer support, the useless shower!
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              DVDfever, this post should be pinned to the top of the forum. I upgraded my old Firefox/RedHat combo to Flash 9 and now it promptly crashes upon encoutering Flash content. I tried for 30 minutes to find old versions of Flash Player on this site to no avail. Seriously, Adobe should fire their support people, dock the pay of their web designers, and give all the left-over money to you.

              *Runs off to downgrade back to Flash 7*