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    How are the new Fujifilm Camera Profiles created?

    BruceMcL Level 1

      I am using Lightroom 5, but I believe this question belongs in the Camera Raw forum.


      Not long ago, Lightroom added camera profiles to many Fujifilm cameras. These profiles are in addition to the Adobe Standard profile. They have names like Provia, Velvia, Camera Neg, Monochrome, etc.


      With Nikon and Canon Cameras, I can find the .dcp files that correspond to extra camera profiles, like Camera Neutral, Camera Landscape, etc. These files are in a specific place in Lightroom. They also exist in another place for other Adobe apps. The corresponding .dcp files for the new Fujifilm camera profiles do not exist in the same places. Note that all Adobe Standard profiles are in a slightly different location, and Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, and other brands are all there in the same place.


      If I save a Fujifilm RAW file to .DNG and open it in DNG Profile Editor, the new profiles that I can see in Lightroom do not show up in DNG Profile Editor. With Nikon and Canon cameras, I do see all of the appropriate camera profiles from Lightroom in DNG Profile Editor.


      The ultimate goal here is to be able to mix and match tone curves and color formulations between the various camera profiles that belong to a specific Fujifilm camera. I am able to do this now with Canon and Nikon camera profiles.


      What is Adobe doing differently with Fujifilm cameras than they do with Nikon, Canon, and other brand cameras that have multiple camera profiles?