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    Animating Text

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      Good Morning,

      I am looking at taking some text (from a datasource) and having it scroll along the bottom of the screen (like you would see on CNN or TSN where the text moves and can be updated). I've looked at using Move, but from what I can tell, you have to tell it where to scroll to (an X coordinate), and then make it repeat ( which I haven't been successful at doing).

      Am I missing something? I would think with Flex's Flash capabilities, making text move shouldn't be this tough. Does anyone know how to do this, or has any ideas to point me in a different direction?


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          Am I right in thinking that using the Move is working fine but making it repeat is proving to be a problem? If so, you could set an event listener for the end of the Move effect (eg. myMove.addEventListener(EffectEvent.EFFECT_END, effectEndHandler)) and in your handler set the effect to play again.

          One thing to keep in mind when using effects with text is that unless you embed the font the effect won't perform on the text.
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            I use SWFloader to load external flash 8 scroll text.
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              JennHysuick Level 1
              Thank you for all your responses. What I ended up doing is finding a chunk of code (which was posted a few years ago) on how to make a ticker tape - like animation, and after a bit of grief (like finding that doLater is now callLater), I got my text to do a continuous scroll across the screen.