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    Password-protecting NAS drive images from edits, but no password required for viewing?


      I'm making an archive of 60 years of historical photos for a business. The client wants tags of the people in each photo as well as folders/albums of each conference. They also want all employees to access (read-only) this database from their Mac or PC, but only a select few should be able to edit, add or delete photos.


      My assumption is that we can put the photos and Lightroom database on a NAS drive with read/write permission only given to admin and read permission given to everyone. However, I don't know if Lightroom will work if a drive is read-only.

      Also, this would mean everyone who wants read access needs to purchase Lightroom, which would be very expensive for the company.

      Is there a trail version of Lightroom that would, for example, be read only?

      Is Lightoom going to work from a read-only drive, or password protect photos from having descriptions, tags or photo edits done to them?


      Thanks everyone for your responses!