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    Merged clips problem


      I have a very odd problem.


      Some time ago I started a new project, from the beginning using premiere CC in a mac (not sure the version, but right now I'm at 8.1) with r3d video files (shot on red epic with no audio on AV clips) and wav audio files recorded on an external recorder.


      Merging these clips was no problem to begin with, and didn't seem to be buggy or problematic at all.
      That was when I was using a mac version of premiere CC.


      I came back to the project after switching to a Windows 8 run PC - and all of the sudden my nicely titled merged files are now all buggy and weird - only about half of the video is on those merged clips while the entire audio is there - and I can't right- click on the clips (in the browser) - just nothing happens.


      Anyone have a similar problem with merged clips?