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    Extension Builder 3 debug doesn't work



      I'm developing an extension with extension builder 3 for Indesign CC (9.2.1). The application run, but i can't debug it.

      I'm Using Eclipse Luna (with eclipse 3.6 doesn't work too) on Windows 7


      This is the extension ID in my manifest.xml:


        <Extension Id="my.extension.name.extension1" Version="1.0" />



      This is my .debug file (i put in my root folder):

      "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


        <Extension Id=""my.extension.name.extension1" />


        <Host Name="IDSN" Port="8088" />





      I launch the extension in eclipse with "debug as" and opent it in Indesign. Then, with Google Chrome, i go the url: localhost:8088 but it says that the page is not available.

      I verified that the port 8088 is open.

      In localhost i've installed IIS but it run in the default port.


      Here is the CEPHtmlEngine log file:

      "2015-01-21 10:30:36 : INFO  LogLevel : 1

      2015-01-21 10:30:36 : ERROR Error occurs while getting debug port. <unspecified file>(8): expected element name"


      I dont know what else do. Can you help me? Thanks