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    How to cut blank screen lead-in

    Musketeer32 Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Elements 11. (I bought it some time ago, used it for a while, but for various reasons haven't got round to finishing first project.)

      I have succeeded in editing my first video. I have images and their associated soundtracks on Video 1 and Audio 1. I have the music bed on Soundtrack.

      The picture is edited to the music and I'm happy with it except that there's a black screen for the first 13 seconds of the video. I can't figure out how to cut it. I haven't been able to highlight the black screen (there is nothing showing that I can highlight for cutting on the timeline on any of the tracks). I can drag the video 1 track across to the zero mark but cannot move the soundtrack to match it.

      Advice greatly appreciated.