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    setting up a professional edit for multiple departments




      I was looking through the various tutorials offered by Adobe cloud, and I am wondering if the community at large maybe has some video tutorials more in line with what I need.


      I have been editing for about two years now and know my way around a good deal of Premiere, photoshop and AE. Mostly little corporate vids, and sketches, etc. All on SLR's, and zoom audio type situations


      However, this time, I have picked up my first real edit! Shot on C300's, complete with timecode, and plenty of audio tracks to sync per clip. I already know that I can't to multi-channel audio subclips because of some premiere glitch. However, I do need to sync up all the audio, and do an edit of this webisode. I need to set it up in a way that I can export omf's for sound mixers, as well as an export for colour. My question is this: How do I go about setting up an edit for a professional setting, i.e. with other departments needing the timelines? How do I properly set up to sync interact with timecodes?


      Hoping you guys can help me take the first step in to a professional edit scenario!