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    Interpret footage - Music Video

    eliasw85170281 Level 1

      Hi there!


      I have filmed clips in 60fps and wanted some of them to play at normal speed for my video.

      So I've changed the clips to play at 59,94 and it all looks fine.

      The problem is when someone tries to do a grading of those clips in Da Vinci.

      Da Vinci seems to have problem of finding the right source file.

      It looks like Premiere has made copies of the source file if I change the interoperation of the clip.


      Now, the right way to do this is of course to start a new project and import the files again and only change the speed inside the project. (Speed/Duration)

      I've spent 2 weeks on this video to get the right timing and feeling for it.

      Is there any way I can look at each clip on the timeline and change it for the original fps and then only change Speed/duration inside the project?


      I would be forever thankful if someone could help me out with some information!


      Best, Elias