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    Windows 8.1 Flash CC 2014 Not responsive for about 30 seconds every 10 mins or so... Trying 30 day trial.


      I am trialing CC 2014 to open some files from an animator. It locks up all the time for between 10 to 60 seconds. It picks up fine once it wakes back up, but it happens very regularly and doesn't seem to relate to any particular activity.

      During this time it is marked in the task manager as (Not responsive) It doesn't seem to be taking up a huge amount of CPU or disk read/write during this. It happens whether I have the network connected or not.

      It's the only thing on my laptop that does this. I have CS4 installed and it doesn't have this issue.

      My laptop has 16GB ram, quad core i7 and good size solid state with over 100GB free space that can do 550MBps.

      Is anyone else having these issues? It's unusable, but it's giving me plenty of tea breaks so I suppose that's something.

      I know someone who seems to have similar issues on Flash CS6.