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    Percentage or field Empty. How to do it?


      Hi all,

      I am creating a new Invoice form with fillable fields (just starded with Acrobat X Standard) and I have a question:

      On payment conditions I have 3 fields where to input a percentage (each field can have a value from 10% to 100%). If the operator doesn't fill the field (empty), they must display nothing. If filled, even only one of them, the percentage must appear.

      Can anybody help me?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How is your form acting right now when the field is empty?

          Does the user fill-in these fields.?


          Will these fields be used elsewhere in the form?

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            nike4reda5102 Level 1

            Thanks a lot Karl for your prompt reply!

            At this moment, when the field is empty, it shows "0%".

            The user has 4 options to fill-in these fields:

            a) To fill only one (in this case he will digit "1" to get 100% as a result);

            b) To fill two of them (ex.: in the first  he puts "0,2" to get 20%, in the second "0,8" to get 80%);

            c) To fill all of them (ex.: in the 1st 0,2 for 20%, in the 2nd 0,7 for 70%, in the 3rd 0,1 for 10%);

            d) To leave them empty (in this case the field should shows nothing).


            As for your last question:

            Yes, these fields (I call them Perc01, Perc02, Perc03) permit the calculation of the corresponding percentage into another field (called Exp01, Exp02, Exp03).

            Based on the value entered in the field "Perc", will be returned an amount (on field Exp) that corresponds to the percentage showed in the field Perc.


            Waiting for your news…