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    How to position chapter number on the master page according to the chapter number?


      I'm working with a catalog for a customer with about 250 pages divided into apx 30 chapters. The person who made this document in the first place have a separate master page for each Chapter.


      If I use the the Running Header (Paragraph style) text variable I can use the same master page on all chapters - this will be much easier I think.


      BUT I have a problem because the chapter number is going to be displayed in different position according to the number (along on the edge of the page with white text in a black rectangle, with the first chapter number on top, the next one beneath and so on - so the reader of the book can see the chapters just by looking at the edge of the book without opening it)


      Is there any possibility to have the Chapter Number text variable to be displayed in different location on the page based on the number it self? Or do you have any other ways to solve this in a easy way?