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    Web photo Album Problem


      I have problem with the web photo album command in DW ... when i select my folders and destination and all that, i click ok, it loads up fireworks... that's normal until there. The problem is that instead of creating the thumbnails and everything, fireworks loads something like a new Start page in german almost completely blank and the titlebar says ShimLocal ... i close it then a new little window loads that has in the titlebar shimLocal too ... then a new Start page comes again in german... i close it and fireworks says: "Could not run script. This command requires an active document"

      Now , I reinstalled both softwares ... DW and FW ... nothing has changed... I really dont know which one is the problem, if it's DW or if it is FW ...

      i have Studio 8.
      i also installed Web Photo Album 2.2 and after i finish the whole little wizard, the same thing happens in FW.

      Help me please!
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          FW is ideally designed for creating web images or graphic, while Dreamweaver is ideally designed for websites with HTML codes.

          Did you upload the file(s) and a HTML to website, where we can take a look at and offer some tips.

          It is hard to visualize the nature of problem without seeing the hard core of problem.