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    Premiere Pro CC asleep? Won't respond to anything when I go back to it.

    nm42 Level 1

      So, I've been having this issue for a week or two now, and I can't seem to figure out why it is happening. I usually have Premiere Pro CC (most recent version installed running in OSX Yosemite) open in the background of my computer when I'm not editing anything, but when I go back to it after varying periods of time, and try to do anything, nothing happens. I hit the space bar to play, scrub the playhead in the timeline, source, and program windows, double-click to open clips from my bin, switch tools, etc., and nothing happens. The playhead in the windows will move, but no audio or video plays - whatever is in the source and program windows at that time will stay there, like it's frozen. But there is no spinning pinwheel of death/spinning beach ball or anything. If I right-click on the PP icon in the dock, it doesn't say that the program isn't responding. There's no indication that anything is wrong.


      Occasionally, Premiere will wake up after a minute (sometimes more, sometimes less) and work fine. Sometimes I have to save the project (by pressing Command-S or by using the File menu) to get it to work, but that doesn't always fix it. I Command-Tab to other programs and then go back to PP - sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Closing and opening the program always works, but that's an annoying fix just to get the program to wake up.


      Has anyone else had these issues? I can't be the only one.


      Computer Specs:

      Mac Pro (Mid 2012), running OSX 10.10.1

      32 GB memory (4 GB reserved for other applications - 28 for PP, AME, AE, PS)

      Adobe Creative Cloud - all programs up to date