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    can I backup my InDesign project to: iPhone, iCloud, Dropbox?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      I backup my Mac laptop to a Time Capsule, but I'd like a little more security (if there were a fire in the house, both my laptop and my Time Capsule would be gone).


      The iTunes store has what it claims is an iPhone/iPad version of InDesign for download (for a small fee).  If I put this on my iPhone, does anyone on this fourm know if I could then keep a copy of my InDesign project on my iPhone?

      That would be my preference, I think, especially if any updated work that I do on my laptop would be automatically updated on my iPhone.


      If none of that would work, does anyone know if iCloud is an option?  (I have a spare 13 GB in/on iCloud).  And failing that, is Dropbox my best bet?

      Thanks for any advice,