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    Hello, I can't save my project on the same file as before. Can anyone help me ?


      Hello all,


      I'm having trouble with saving my project. Every time I try to save, I have this error message. My project is not new(2weeks) and I never had this message before.Basicly it says that it's impossible to open the file with writing clearance. The file might be locked or that I don't have writing clearance on the server. And I should save my project under in a new location.


      I checked with the tech team and I have full access (writing and all). All the files link to my project are in the same folder.

      I try to save my project in an other place and I still have the same error message.

      I uninstalled Premiere Pro CC and reinstalled it and It doesn't change, I still have the same message.

      I search on the web and I didn't find an answer.


      I'm using Windows 7 Pro,Intel I7, 20go of RAM and a Quadro 410.


      Does anybody have an idea on how can I save my file without this message ?




      PS: sorry for my english.