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    Using cue points to acrivate movie clips

      I'm trying to write a simple piece of ActionScript that I can adapt and re-use easily. (I'm not very good at programming and I've been finding the "help" information very confusing.) I've devised quite an elegant solution, if only I could get it to work!.

      I'm using a single frame loop with an onEnterFrame construction that deletes itself when the flv has finished playing. I've set up a movie clip with various start points for animations to be activated at cue points. I'm testing for the cue points in the same frame, storing previous cue point names so that each cue point triggers the corresponding animation once only. I know the main logic works because I've tested it with trace statements to prove that the cue points are actually being reached. The problem is that the goToAndPlay instructions don't seem to activate the movie clip as intended.

      My best guess is that the stop action on the self-looping frame is also stopping the movie clip as soon as it starts. Even if that is true, I don't know how to solve the problem. And I'm sure one of you much more clever people will know better. Here's the code. Any suggestions?