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    Can audio be imported into Video Express?


      I am half way through a trial of Presenter 10 & Video Express, and the jury is still out. I think I've mastered recording video & audio from within PowerPoint, but Video Express  has been a challenge from the outset.


      I have finally managed to record a PowerPoint generated video within Video Express, but it doesn't pull the audio in with it.


      I have produced and uploaded the video with audio narration to one of my own websites, and this was done with Adobe Presenter 10 & PowerPoint.


      Is there any way I can upload that work to YouTube without have to do the audio from scratch within Video Express?


      Many thanks in hope.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Think of Presenter and Presenter Video Express as two different products that just happen to come in one package. APVE is not a tool to convert your PPT/Presenter content into an MP4, but is rather a tool where you can capture your screen and webcam simultaneously with audio from a mic.


          So, is there a way to do the conversion, maybe...


          If you look through the source files for the recording made with APVE you will find a file called SubAudioData.wav. This file can be found here, C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\My Adobe Presenter Video Projects\{RecordingName}\mt\presentation_video1. In theory, you could place a wav file with the audio from your presentation there as a wave file with that name, and have your audio in place to publish out as an MP4, but you wouldn't have much control over how well the sync worked, and it may be a bit of trial and error.


          A better tool for getting an MP4 from a PPT presentation may be Captivate.