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    And this is why I hate investing any time in learning Adobe's new products

    quirkied Level 1

      This is the perfect example of the problem with Adobe in general.  They introduce a product that works well, FormsCentral.  Some of us happen to find it, learn how to use it, start relying on it, and then they yank the rug out from under us and decide to drop it.  Why? They don't have enough users.  Why don't they have enough users? They don't tell anyone about the products or how it will help them!!!


      There's others - Muse, Edge - that are out there and look promising, but I'm not going to even spend time playing with it until it's been around at least 5 years.  Unless they get an immediate following as big as they have with Photoshop, it's like those of us who spend the money and effort in it don't matter at all, if their arbitrary numbers aren't there.


      I'd be happy if they just left it on a server for me to use and I'd still pay them the same amount for them to not upgrade it or add any new features - you know, the kinds of things they keep feeling the need to "improve" even though the users like it just fine.