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    image duration?


      My apologies up front if this is not the correct forum for this question.

      I use Premiere Elements 11 to create movies from still images(jpegs or .pngs) that were created with a 3d program.

      My normal work flow is to import the images (usually about 1500 stills) place them in the timeline, and adjust the image duration by selecting the

      all the images in the timeline - right clicking / time stretch / and then change the duration so the total movie will play in about two minutes. The link below is an example.


      Minnetonka Residence 3d model fly around - YouTube


      I am having an issue on my current project.

      Same process as above except I am using 3002 images in order to get a smoother true 30 fps feel to the movie.


      My problem is that I am not able to multiple select the images in the timeline with any consistency in order to adjust the duration.

      If I select a single image it works fine. I have been able to select as many as 30 or forty images at once and get them to adjust normally, but then the next group will not allow me to modify the duration once I am in the time stretch dialog box. The time just shows all zeros and will not let me interact.It seems hit and miss.


      I have tried re importing the images with the still image default duration time set at the lowest possible of 1 frame. Unfortunately that is still not the duration time I am looking for, I need .03 seconds per image.


      I am probably not explaining myself very well...


      The bottom line is I need to be able to select 3002 individual images already in the time line and globally adjust the duration of those images to anything I want them to be.

      image size = 1920x1080


      I have made many of these movies in the past and the only thing I can see that is different in the quantity of images


      I thank you in advance for any help you all can offer.



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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Paul,


          Ultimately, you should be rendering the correct number of frames right from the 3D program. In other words, if you want the video to play smoothly as 30fps, then render 30 frames for each second. A 10-second clip should consist of 300 frames then, and with duration in Premiere set to 1 frame, and a sequence at 30fps, then it ought to be nice and smooth. As soon as you start stretching the time one way of the other, some frames need to be duplicated or skipped and that is always going to effect the playback smoothness. The math just doesn't come out to support smooth playback otherwise.




          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            stcroixrds Level 1

            Hi Jeff, and thank you.

            I actually did try to generate the correct # of images in my 3d program and I am just a bit off in that my 3002 images will create a 1 minute and 36 second video using the Premier set to 1 frame and seq. at 30fps.

            My mistake. I was lazy because I figured I could adjust the length like I did in the past...Still not sure why I can't..

            The reason i am trying to avoid recreating the exact correct # of images is that it takes about 18 hours to generate the images and I am up against the clock.


            Thanks again for your help. I will be sure to generate the exact correct # of images in the future.