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    Camera Raw won't open in Photoshop CS6

    wcamp Level 1

      Wanting to begin using the Camera Raw plug-in for PS CS6, I find that it isn't active. (1) In Bridge CS6, the ACR icon in the top menu is grayed out; (2) after clicking a JPEG image file in Bridge, then right-clicking it, there's no option to open it in Camera Raw; (3) using Bridge's File menu, there's no Camera Raw option visible; and (4) in PS CS6, going from File > Open, then choosing "Camera Raw" in the Enable options drop-down list, each JPEG file is grayed out.


      My attempts to activate Camera Raw involve (1) downloading DNG Converter 8.7.1 and (2) attempting to download ACR 8.3…Adobe Update. That second effort failed, getting this error code: "Camera Raw 8.3(CS6) U44M2P7". I currently have AdobeCameraRaw7.0ALL and AdobeCameraRawProfile7.0ALL installed on a Mac running OS10.7.6.


      I don't know what else to do. Please tell me how to activate Camera Raw using Photoshop CS6.


      Thank you very much.