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    Indesign CS6, datamerge, import images of Google Drive


      Hello all,


      I would like to use the Data Mare tool to load the images of an external source like Google Drive. It seems it wont import or link the url to the container. Any suggestion of solutions? The thing is that we use Google Drive for storage of our images.


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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Phillip,


          Unless I am wrong (I don't think I am but just in case ), the datamerge engine nor InDesign will load image from external sources. From a scripting point of view, you may ned to download the files first so thy are local. Then you may need to fix the data source so the links point towards the local file or just its name at the very least. To download these images, you may call a VB/AppleScript script that would download the pictures (curl for example). You might also try the socket object but I have no clue if this can do it (download image files).


          Another option is outside scripting. If you have many structured documents to achieve with external links, you may envision EasyCatalog plugin which allows linking to external files.