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    The lack of H264 is really getting irritating. AME is massively unreliable for me, and Premiere loading AE compositions takes forever.

    LukeWarmCoffee Level 1

      So for whatever tech reasons Adobe decided to remove H264, despite it being an industry standard for Vimeo, Youtube, broadcast delivery companies like Extreme Reach, and local BluRay mastering companies like Replicopy.


      I'm about two steps from dumping this entire program, because the unreliability of my job on Adobe's end is embarrassing for me. It takes me 3-4 times to render something out for a client to watch it/approve it. Why 3-4 times? Because AME likes to remove audio completely, insert bizarre solarized frame glitches, or just lock-up and say it'll take another 35+ hours to render a 90 minute video that once took 12 hours to render on CS6.


      I'm not going to render out a DNxHD file for friends/clients to watch. Not practical when it's 18x the size of H264 Youtube compression. 109gb versus 6gb.


      I'm losing my patience here, and I'm out of ideas. I have found no reliable way to render from After Effects anymore. The most reliable, but still a shot-in-the-dark, is when I load up from the render queue a DNxHD or GoPro Cineform file then transcode it afterward with AME, which is an idiotic and unnecessary workaround. I just transcoded a 109gb DNxHD file to an H264 file from AME with random glitches, again. Wasted another 90 minutes. I have no f'n idea what to do next, I'm out of ideas. Try GoPro again? Do another DNxHD and transcode to H264, and just cross my fingers that that 14 hours of rendering will work?


      In short, the issue:


      Windows 7 machine, had been running CS6 with no problems.


      Trying to render short sequences for client approval as well as 90 minute compositions from AE via AME (running into problems of audio being dropped, flipped/solarized frames, and the program just locking up).


      What do you guys do? How would you guys export a 90min documentary for a BR master? They don't take GoPro or DNxHD. They take H264. Has anyone else run into the problems I've described here? Is there a patch/solution? Is there another intermediate codec that isn't insanely huge?