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    Adding third-party lumetri looks to SpeedGrade 2014, tutorial questions

    VaughnByrd21 Level 1

      Anyone know how to add third-party lumetri looks to SpeedGrade 2014 [Mac OS]?


      I found the folder that contains the default styles that ship with SG, but do I just add the new ones in there? I'd rather have a new tab, but the only tab that I can add is a duplicate of the settings/looks tab that I already have...


      I'm pretty new to SG, having only done a few projects, and am still feeling my way around. I'll bet this is a dumber-than-dumb questions, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere on the web.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Plus, not to be picky, but all the tutorials I can find on using the colorwheels mode are from the CC version, and don't look anything like the ones in 2014. Suggestions for learning resources would be greatly appreciated.