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    Problems with fill-in-the-blank quiz questions in Presenter 10

    wolfeyes Level 1

      Hi.  I'm totally frustrated!  I'm try add FITB quiz questions and when I go back and look at the question slides, they are all screwed up.  Some of the selection circles are on a different part of the page, etc.  I go back into quiz manager to take a look at the question and it changes where my <I> blank is supposed to go.  So I tried making my FITB questions Multiple Choice by adding a blank line in the question and giving 4 distractors (answers).  I then go back and look at the quiz question pages, and half of my distractors are missing.  I have the most recent version of Java, I don't have a virus on my laptop, I am running Presenter v. 10 64-bit and Office 13 64-bit.


      Can you put a series of underscores in a question?  What could be causing this?  Please help!  Thanks!