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    Premiere Pro CC and CS6 freeze on export


      I have a problem with Premiere freezing when exporting a video sequence.

      The sequence consists of about 5 min of video from 10 different clips, so it not very big.

      I want to export to H.264 format, but a few percent into the export everything freezes and I have to turn off my PC. The same thing happens with export to MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats, but not if I export to AVI format.

      At first I suspected on of the clips was causing the problem, but I'm able to take all the clips one at a time, and export each one to H.264 format without any problems. Even If I take the new exported H.264 clips and put them together, and export them again as one file, it will freeze again.

      The problem is the same in Premiere Pro CC and in Premiere Pro CS6.

      Any ideas on what might be causing this?