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    Multiple signatures in a shared review.




      I am a tech writer working at an engineering company. I am driving the company toward a digital sign off process for our documentation, and I am using the shared review system in Acrobat Pro X to facilitate this process. These reviews involve 10+ people, and, in the past, the system that was used was to have a single sign off sheet with multiple lines for each representative to sign from their department. I am trying to integrate a similar process into the shared review by adding a modified version of the original sign off sheet into the shared review document that everyone can then sign electronically.


      I want to use the signing futures native to acrobat and reader, but I am aware that having multiple signatures on a document is a problem. I don't understand why this feature is not possible in this software. It seems so obvious. Lot's of people have to review it, so lots of people have to sign it.


      My Question: is there a workaround that will allow me to do this. I am aware that the stamp tool will allow me to create a custom stamp out of my hand signature, but that method does not time stamp and date it. Having everyone do a timed and dated approval stamp AND a hand signature stamp seems messy and rife with possible errors since most of the people who will be doing this have never used this system before.


      Thank you for any thoughts or ideas.