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    How do you change permissions on Lightroom 4 web export?


      I am having issues with my web module on Lightroom 4 (Mac OS 10.9.5). "an unknown error occurred" while trying to upload to my FTP (no changes in my FTP). Bandaid fix was to export to local folder and upload via Filezilla. However, now that is no longer working and although upload completes, the URL takes you to a "Forbidden - do not have permission to read this file" page. Lightroom is changing the permissions of each file to 000 instead of 644 for index files and 755 for all others. How can I change the permissions settings in Lightroom?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          I just did an upload directly from Lightroom 5.7.1 using OSx 10.8.5 and Cpanel on the hosting site shows the permissions as 644 for ALL files and 755 for folders.  I don't think there was any changes to the web module between Lr 4 and 5.   Have you tried using Filezilla to  delete all the files on the host and reupload.  A few years ago I had the exact same problem and something got changed on the server where some of the file permissions got changed and I had to start over to get things working.