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    Downloading/Installing Eclipse 3.3 for Flex 2.1

    Matlus Level 1
      Are there any instructions for downloading and installing Eclipse and plugging in the new Flex 2.1 update?

      I'd like to use the newer IDE but don't use Eclipse for anything else but Flex and don't want to screw up my current installation.

      Has anyone done this?

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          Yes and no. It works under Eclipse 3.3 but you need Eclipse 3.2 to install the plugin.

          1. Download and extract Eclipse 3.2 in a temporary folder (eg c:\temp\eclipse)
          2. Run the Flex installer and point them to the Eclipse 3.2 folder.
          3. After successfull installation, start Eclipse 3.2 once and close.
          4. Copy ALL directorys and files which start with com.adobe.flexbuilder from the plugins AND features directory of Eclipse 3.2 to the plugins and feature directory of Eclipse 3.3
          5. Start Eclipse 3.3 and now you have the Flex plugin there.
          6. Now you can delete Eclipse 3.2 from your filesystem