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    Premiere CC crashes when shifting tracks


      Hello fellow editors,


      So we've been working with the clouds for several years now. We have a bug that keep coming up both at work and on our own private computers when editing. It seems that on some days, when grabbing multiple tracks within a sequence, and dragging and dropping the clip, the tracks might move INBETWEEN two tracks. Letting go of the clips will send the project crashing immediately. Whenever we begin dragging clips in a timeline we hold our breath for dear life making sure we the clips don't somehow get caught of the abyss between two layer tracks.


      Recently however, we encountered a new issue. When we rebooted the project after it crashed, the segment that had been highlighted when dragging clips had lost all it's transition effects. We've never run into this issue and were wondering if others have.


      The layer track glitch has got to be resolved however. It's been causing way too many issues for us in the past.