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    still having problems with loading cs6 onto new computer. adobe won't contact me?

    Laura Alton

      I have posted this before and I did what was suggested, but have not had any luck with adobe support.

      Problem: Mac laptop died. I have cs3 and upgrade to cs6 on the laptop, backed up to external hard drive. i'm trying to install now onto my new computer, but can't load it from the external hard drive, so downloaded cs6 upgrade from adobe from my products. i know i purchased and downloaded cs3 from adobe website, but it doesn't show up on my page. so when i download cs6 and it asks for my serial number, i put it in, but then it won't unlock the software because it's not detecting any other software (cs3) on my new computer. i was told that i had to contact adobe tech support, which i have done multiple times, but have not gotten any response back.

      any suggestions?