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    Using baseline grid and "space after" for paragraph formatting


      I'm using InDesign CC on a MacBook Pro Retina. I'm designing a document and want to use a baseline grid to align text. I also want to use the "space after" option in defining a paragraph style. I'm using 10 point type on 15 point leading. The "space after" is defined as 7.5 points.


      If I try apply both the baseline grid alignment and the "space after" specification, I essentially lose my defined 7.5 pt "space after" to a much larger space because the first line of the next paragraph sinks to the baseline grid line below it. I end up essentially with 22.5 pt instead of 7.5 pt.


      Are these two functions incompatible or is there a way around this that I don't know about?


      Thanks for any advice.