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    Ram preview not playing from first frame

    Kristi N

      Anyone else having problems with Ram preview playing back from a different spot in the timeline OTHER than the first frame? I have seen this happening consistently since the latest update (2014.2). I checked my preferences, and made sure nothing is accidentally selected to play from the last keyframe or something odd. But no. I am on a Mac Pro, running Yosemite, I googled this, and haven't seen anything. I haven't trashed my preferences yet, because I'm not sure it's a preference issue, and god...if I have to rebuild my render setting one more time...


      So to give you more detail.

      - I hit "0" on my number pad to launch a ram preview

      - It LOOKS like it's rendering each frame in order

      - When I hit "0" again to playback, it starts from a random location usually about 2 - 5 seconds from the beginning of the timeline.

      - It will loop back and then play from the start of the timeline.


      It's not using the current time indicator line or anything that would make sense. It's random, but near the start. I suspect it's pulling keyframe information from a nested pre-comp and using that, but there is not a keyframe in the comp I'm previewing.


      I also do not have the "From Current Time" checked box in the Ram Preview options, and there are 0 skip frames in that setting as well.


      If anyone has any ideas what this may be...I'd appreciate it.