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    Can An Old Program Of Photoshop 6.0 Create Similar Galleries?

    Bob20441 Level 1

      I have an old copy of Photoshop 6.0 (I hear laughing, please don't) and it works for my configuring images such as sizing, formatting from psd to the various gif, jpeg, tiffs etc. Editors can get my files in compressed zip folders and so forth, so that isn't my problem (I still use an old version of Windows XP - I hear the Macs all laughing again) but my question is in regards to the making of galleries like photo galleries with an old program. Can anyone possibly recommend a known or familiar site that has specific information and tutorials regarding old software like mine? I have configured images using this program for quite some time, such as in this sample catalog: business cartoons and hope you can recommend specific sites or relatively unknown ps instructional sites having to do with programs like mine. Any input appreciated and Happy 2015 to all creatives out there!