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    Adding .tpl as a valid PHP extension to CS6 (code colouring)

    Riquez JP Level 1


      I am editing a website that uses .tpl extensions and I would prefer that these files are treated as PHP files so that the PHP code is coloured & hinted as it would be in regular php file.

      I am using CS6 on Mac OS (10.10)




      I read online about editing the extensions.txt & MMDocumentTypes.xml files to add/edit this ability.

      I also checked the official documents here: Change, add recognized file extensions | Dreamweaver


      However I cannot get this ability to work.


      1) extensions.txt already includes TPL as valid extensions of "All Documents" & PHP as defined in this file, so I have NOT edited this file.

      ~user/library/application support/adobe/dreamweaver cs6/en_us/configuration/extensions.txt




      2) I edited MMDocumentTypes.xml  Removing "tpl" from the HTML extensions & adding it to the PHP extensions.

      Mac HD/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS6/Configuration/DocumentTypes/MMDocumentTypes.xml




      The changes made no difference & a TPL file still opens in plain code view in DW. (as in top-left screen example)


      Can anyone help me to get this working?