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    Problem adding exterior TV to emphasize UR Program

    Barry Garsson

      For years I had been using "Final Cut Pro" (still working perfectly) with an external TV providing (and of course larger) "Final Cut Pro's" product.  There it is labeled "Final Cut Pro's "CANVAS: Sequence in..." - the external TV (using its HDMI) provides "Canvas: Sequence's..." is same ratio of my program scene which is set to be 16 X 9.  My new "Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014" and its "external-TV" there (under "Adobe Premiere Pro CC's"), ITS "external-TV" is now NOT 16 X 9 but distorted length longer.  Using a ruler, I measured the actual correct (in inches) - on the external TV screen: correctly (as compared with the programs scene) 10 3/4" width and 6" vertical height - but when using the same film mounted on "Adobe Premium Pro..." - the same 6" vertical height, but instead, TV's total width is now of 13.5" screen.  Vertical the same for both, but in "Adobe Premiere Pro" the width is stretched out and additional close to almost 3 inches distorted wider. 


      I also note that the supplier "BlackMagic HD" seems to provide two very different programs between its support of the use of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. I phoned BlackMagic and they refer back to Adobe Premiere Pro who are unable to solve the distortion.


      Barry Garsson