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    Presenter 9 disappeared

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      I had presenter 9 installed on Powerpoint 2013, Windows 8. and suddenly the ribbon disappeared. I have tried to get it back by following the tips in many discussions about uninstalling, re-installing, trying to move the add-in from inactive to active, adding the addin from the filepath in adobe, menulauncher, moving the menulauncher.dll file to appdata file, but still cant get it to work. The only thing I can see is that  the add-in is not associated with a publisher, so perhaps not considered a trusted publisher and therefore disabled? could this be it, and if so how do I add publisher details?

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          RajeevAdobe Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          Please run the PowerPoint in admin mode. Go to the path mentioned below.

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15

          Try to find the PowerPoint.exe .

          Right click on it and choose run as administrator as mentioned in the screen shot below.


          Launch PowerPoint again and check if the Presenter ribbon is present.

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            siandavis Level 1

            Thanks, so I have now got further than before. I have relaunched PPT and I get a pop up with below and only shows options for session only not publisher. I saw this previously when I originally installed however had further options on the advanced settings.

            Previous screenshot shows full range of options   -how do I get these options to appear?


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              RajeevAdobe Adobe Employee

              You need to add Adobe Presenter add in the trusted center settings which can be done as follows. Just add the Adobe Presenter folder in the trusted location as mentioned below.

              Also"enable the all code published by this publisher " options as you mentioned in the screen shot.

              Then Restart the Machine and PowerPoint also and check if that works.

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                siandavis Level 1

                its already listed in trusted locations, but not sure about trusted publishers, what does that look like? do you have  a screenshot?

                At the  moment  I cant enable All code published... as this option doesn't show. the above 2nd screenshot is from a friend