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    Slow Encoding in Premiere Pro CS5


      Hey there,


      I'm working with Adobe Media Encoder 5.0.1 (CS5), and I've found that it encodes very slowly (taking hours to encode 15 minutes of very simple video cuts). Looking over my system's performance, my hard drive isn't impacted at all (it has a dedicated hard drive for video production), and my memory still has 4GB free (20 GB in use). The only resource I'm hurting on is CPU (it's using 100% of my quad-core i7-4820K with hyperthreading turned on). From what I understand, I can't use NVIDIA CUDA to encode.


      I suspect that my preset settings are the problem. The original format is MPEG-2 (NLE) at 29.97 FPS. I'm encoding to H.264 (HDTV 720p 29.97 FPS). Render at maximum depth is turned on and frame blending is turned off (let me know if there's a better way to preserve the original quality of the video). It's just the present, and no other alterations. Should I be using any other encoding before importing it into Premiere Pro? Should I use another present when exporting?


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      PS: What is the lowest version of Premiere Pro that uses CUDA for encoding? Thanks!