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    When I use the brush or eraser, a Ø symbol pops up next to my cursor and prevents me from drawing a stroke. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?


      Whenever I use the brush or eraser tool, during every other stroke, I get a Ø (circle with a line through it) sign next to the brush shape/cursor and can't draw. Please help, it's extremely frustrating and disrupting my workflow! I am drawing every animation frame so you can imagine, every other stroke is quite often.
      There are locked layers below my active drawing layer, which makes me wonder if Flash is just trying to tell me I can't draw on those layers, but I know that   Plus I need those layers there to guide my active layer's drawing. I've never run into this issue before with layers being locked and such. What am I missing?

      Any insight is appreciated.

      Thank you!