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    I keep getting the error:  "lightroom could not import this catalog because of an unknown error" when trying to import from a catalog?


      I have around 400,000 photos of 15 years so given the high number, I organized all my photos into 6 catalogs to avoid potential problems. All the photos and the catalogs are in a 4TB Seagate external hard drive. I use Adobe Lightroom 5 and I use a PC with the latest Windows Office 2013.


      I wanted to have a NEW Catalog of all my rated 1 Star+ photos of all the years in a single Catalog. So I created what I called Star+ Catalog and I was told the best option is to import a Catalog at a time and given that there is no means to filter importing only Stared photos, I would import all the photos and then delete all the UnStared photos. I did that for Catalog Year 2014 but at the end gave me the message: "lightroom could not import this catalog because of an unknown error". It actually had imported around 40k photos from about 50k total. I tried again and again and every time I end up with the same thing. I created another new Catalog and stared from scratch and the same ting happened: the ONLY EXACT 40k or so photos were imported and the rest were not!! When I imported Catalog Year 2013 of around 45k photos, it worked perfectly. But when I imported Catalog Year 2012 of 35k photos, the same thing happened!! 


      I then tried exporting the needed photos to a new Catalog and that worked.  But then when I try to import them again from my Master *+ Catalog I get the same error again!!


      I also tried creating a new Master *+ Catalog and tried to import the Catalogs of each year into it and the same error happened again!!!




      Any advice: 1) on how to solve this? and 2) if there is a better and easier way to create this Master Catalog of All Stared Photos of All my Catalogs?