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    Go to import a single folder with sub-folders, Lightroom begins an attempt to import every piece of media on every drive I have!

    TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

      I recently installed and I have been using LR without issue for a few weeks now.  I imported all my photos which were stored in sub-folder (with sub-folders) off an external drive.  No problem whatsoever ... 50,000+ pics imported, along with hundreds of videos from still cams.  Works beautifully.


      I now want to try using LR to catalog photos/videos for a client project.  Much smaller number of pics and videos (~400 pics, 100 videos) ... 

      • I created a separate catalog, then went about importing the client folder the same way.  (This was on an internal HD, FYI, but not sure why that would make any difference.)
      • It sees all the files, but then continues to spin that little circle like it HAS to find more.  Which it does ...
      • Not before too long it starts adding thousands and thousands of files (I let it go for 5 minutes once and it was up to 700 gigs and counting!)
      • Looking at some of the images in the library Grid View, I quickly discover it it grabbing everything from my C:\ Drive and more!  WTH??


      Here is what I have tried:


      • Deleting and recreating the catalog.
      • Using my original LR catalog (the one with my photos), and importing the client folder there (same behaviour)
      • Deleting some of the files from the client folder


      It's almost like there is a shortcut to "c:\" or "Computer" in one of the client folders and it is seeing it as a sub-folder.


      Any idea WHY this is happening and how to fix it?  Something that should have taken a few minutes is now wasted nearly a couple of hours. 


      Thanks for your help.