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    Export indesign slide show as swf/pdf




      I try to export a slide-show containing buttons and flv-movies as pdf and as swf.



      In the exported swf file when viewed with the Firefox browser (Flash Player 16 installed) the movies disappear when I try to play them. However everything else including the buttons do work fine. The same problem I have with other browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera) as well as the “Standalone Flash Player” and the freely available “SWF Player 2.6”. Only when I play the swf-file with “Adobe Flash Player 11.2 r202” (outside the browser) the movies are streamed when clicked on. However here the movie frame has not the correct size and is moved to the upper left corner.



      When exporting the same indesign file as PDF and viewed via Adobe Acrobat Pro (Version 10.1.13) the buttons to switch to previous or next page do work fine. Also the movies are streamed when clicked on. However now the buttons to switch to next or previous status of multistate objects do not work.


      System specifications: Indesign CS6, 64bit, Windows 7


      Thank you for any suggestion,