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    Old files get 'published'

      I've got a RH X5 project here, and I'm publishing FlashHelp files. Over the course of development, I've added, deleted, and moved topics and folders within the HTML Files folder on the Project tab. A lot of times, when I'd add a new topic, it would be outside of the folder I ultimately moved it to later. It all looks lovely on the Project tab. But when I publish, RH seems to be popping out duplicate or deleted topics. When I look at my published files in Windows Explorer, I see that my folders appear as they do on the Project tab inside RH, and topics inside my folders are correct. But outside these folders are lots of old or deleted or duplicated help topics. I've tried publishing with 'Check for deleted files' checked and unchecked, and 'Republish all' checked and unchecked; these options don't have any effect. Everything works OK in the help system, but I'm getting ready to turn it over to the client, and I'd just like it to be tidy.

      Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Because Rh won't delete files on its own.

          Simply empty the folder you're publishing to, and re-publish (this applies to the Generate folder on your local machine, too).

          Good luck,
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            betsy_g Level 1
            I have been cleaning our the folder I publish to. When you say "Generate" folder, what do you mean?
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              HKabaker Level 2
              Yes, if you move a topic from one folder to another in the project, it will get published in the new location. But since there's no link to the old one, it just takes up space and feels messy.

              Another approach is to let RH publish revised files and manually clear out the obsolete material. If you keep on top of the situation, it's not a lot of trouble.

              If things get out of hand, you can used Beyond Compare to spot the orphans.
              (Please see the current thread, "File comparison for RoboHelp?")