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    Print Booklet: Exporting for stitched bound


      Pardon me for asking, but I cannot find an answer anywhere.


      I'm working on a graphic novel and I'm planning to print it at a Print-on-demand company.
      The bookbinding will be stiched bound, which is very common for +100 page books.


      Here's what I don't get: stiched bound uses saddle-stiched quires (around 6 of em) to have 24 stiched pages in total.

      Then, more of these stiched quired are stacked on top of each other and glued at the saddle using the perfect bound-technique.


      How should I export all of my pages when saddle stitched and perfect bound are combined?
      My guess is to export every 24 pages via saddle stiched. Then, the people at the POD-company can print these out, stich 'em and stack them on top of each other
      to glue them and fineally wrap the cover around.


      Anyone experienced in this field?


      Kind regards