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    Interpret footage




      I have modified the footage from 23,9760 to 59,94 fps since I have material we've recorded in slo mo and I wanted it to play normal speed on the timeline.

      Now, there seems to be a problem with other programs when I do this.

      So, I'm now trying to change the clip back to it's original frame rate, which is not a problem.

      My question is how fast I need to have the Speed/duration in order to play the same clip at normal speed?


      Is there an easy way to calculate this?


      Best, Elias

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Elias,


          More info needed please. What camera was used, with what settings? Was the footage recorded using "overcrank"? That seems to be the thing, but not clear. What problems with "other programs" are you seeing?




          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            eliasw85170281 Level 1

            Hi Jeff!


            Thank you so much for your reply!

            Camera used was RED Epic and it was recorded in 4K at 60fps.
            I don't know if it was "overcranked".
            The problem is for the person who wants to do the grading in Da Vinci.

            One of the reasons for this is that I have 4 different versions of the same clip in the project.

            (Yes I'm a total newbie.)
            So it can't find the right clip.

            Sadly I'm afraid that this is only a part of the problem.


            The other problem is that I've changed the footage so that it's not being read correctly by Da Vinci.

            I'm so sorry for the huge mess!


            It all looks good in CS6 and I can export the film and it looks really great!

            The problem is when I want to have help with the grading.

            I'm afraid that the only way to do the grading is inside Premier Pro.


            So, in short.

            I have multiple clips of the same source file in the project.

            The footage has been modified from 23,976 to 59,94 fps and I need to change it back.


            I tried to change interpret the footage back to 23,976 and change the speed/duration to 250.

            But when I do the markers for in and out is not where they were before.


            If you want to, you are more then welcome to just laugh at it all and just move on to more important things!
            But if you for some unknown reason have an answer that could help me I would be insanely thankful!


            Best, Elias