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    Changing Page Layout to Fit iPad Screen




      I am currently redesigning my portfolio in anticipation of an interview for an Apprenticeship. I do regard myself as being perhaps 'intermediate' using ID for print, and designing using ID, however I am a novice when it comes to interactive PDFs and digital publishing.


      I am basically looking to get my iPDF to rotate according to iPad screen position via. Adobe Reader, if that is possible?


      I have followed several online tutorials regarding liquid layout, I have reorganised the structure of my document for both the iPad-H and iPad-V columns, however when I upload my exported interactive PDF to acrobat.com - to view it in Adobe Reader on my iPad (Air) - I can't get it to switch viewing modes as I rotate the iPad; instead the vertical pages all reside below the horizontal ones, and I have to flick through the latter to get to the former.


      If there are any tutorials out there relating to this specific problem which I have missed, or any instructions you are willing to give, I would be ever so grateful, so many thanks in advance.


      I am currently using InDesign CS6 as part of the Design Standard Collection (meaning that I don't have DPS, if that is of any relevance).

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          I might be wrong, but I never heard that in a PDF the layout would change according to the orientation of the tablet. A PDF page is intended to be rigid like a in magazine or newspaper, no matter if interactive or not.

          Layout changing to orientation is only intended for eBook format, which can only be generated by the DPS.

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            brookesy310 Level 1

            Hi Doc, thanks for getting back to me. I'm thinking now that you must be right, and it was just my limited knowledge expecting too much of the format! Having seen tutorials on using alternate & liquid layout, I jumped to conclusions.


            If okay, just a further quick Q: when presenting a document such as this (in my case, having a small portfolio to show to a prospective employer on an iPad/tablet), would an i-PDF still be the best way, do you reckon? I have a fair amount of interactivity in there which would be great to keep, and forfeit hopes of layout changes. Basically, is there an 'industry norm'? I.e. Behance, Adobe Reader, etc. or is it simply whatever looks best/the user is comfortable with?


            Thanks again.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Interactive PDF on a mobile device is a crapshoot. The reader apps are all

              over the place as far as capability.


              If you can control the app, great, but if you’re sending the PDF you’re

              taking a shot that the recipient will have a reader capable of displaying



              You might consider creating a DPS folio and using the Adobe Content Viewer

              to either share of display it. DPS is far more capable of interactivity.

              We have a forum dedicated to it: https://forums.adobe.com/community/dps